Van Storage Bins-Boxxes

Van Storage Bins-Boxxes

Van Storage Bins


Van Storage Bins For Increased Organization & Mobility

Sortimo Boxxes are the most innovative and functional series of van storage bins available. Boxxes van storage bins serve dual purposes acting both as a drawer and mobile storage. Slide the van storage bins out on the provided tracks to quickly grab a part or remove it completely from the shelf so you can carry multiple tools to the job site with one hand.

Choose from a variety of van storage bins to accommodate your needs. There are Boxxes designed to store efficiently nearly any piece of hardware, part, or tool you may carry within your cargo van. From small components to large power tools, van storage bins can help you increase your organization and mobility.

Van storage bins secure

Slide & Secure

Van storage bins integrate into the shelving unit, slide in and the bin secures into place for easy transport.

Van storage bins mobility


Quickly retrieve the bin that has the right parts and tools and go from curb side to work site.

Van storage bins time saving

Save Time

No more time wasted trying to locate the right parts and tools, van storage bins provide superior organization.

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Van Storage Bins - Sortimo Boxxes

View the comprehensive selection of industry-changing van storage bins and see how Sortimo Boxxes can dramatically increase organization.

Van Storage Bins - T-Boxxes

With a transparent lid and multiple sizes and configurations of inset boxes that lock into place, the Sortimo T-Boxx is the industry's most innovative van storage bin.

Van Storage Bins - Time Lapse

View the time lapse video of the organizational capabilities with the combination of Shelf Staxx van shelving and Sortimo Boxx van storage bins.

Van Storage Bins - Upgrade

Easily upgrade your base van shelving with the addition of van storage bins.