Van Partition-Protexx Partition

Van Partition-Protexx Partition

Van Partitions

Protexx Partitions

Van Partitions To Protect Occupants

Van Partitions divide the cargo van into two distinct zones, the cab, which doubles as a mobile office, and the cargo area for storing tools, equipment, and parts. In the event of an unplanned stop or collision, the cargo van partition provides a barrier between the driver and any occupants in the cab from the contents in the cargo area.

Sortimo's Protexx van partitions are durable yet lightweight, constructed of an ABS thermoformed material to provide protection yet minimally impact payload. Sortimo has a comprehensive line-up of van bulkheads, including models for compact and full-size cargo vans as well as van partitions with and without a window and with and without a pass-through door. Van Partitions from Sortimo have a true OEM appearance and reduces noise that is heard in the cab coming from the cargo area. The partitions recessed design enhances comfort for the cab occupants by allowing for maximum seat travel.

Van partition full seat travel

Full Seat Travel

Van partition design allows for full seat travel which maximizes available leg room. This creates a comfortable cab area for the driver and occupant.

Van partition climate control

Climate Control

With the van partitions tight fit, only cool or heat the van's cab area. This translates to a cab that gets cooler in the hot summer months and warmer in the cold winter months.

Van partition road noise

Road Noise

Road noise can be annoying and dangerous, contributing to driver fatigue and the increased risk of an accident. Keep the cab area quiet and peaceful with a Protexx van partition.

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Protexx Van Partitions

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