Cargo Van Packages-ProPaxx

Cargo Van Packages-ProPaxx

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ProPaxx Cargo Van Packages For Your Profession

ProPaxx van packages are not a "one size fits all" approach. They feature a collection of vocational specific storage modules and accessories easily added to existing base van packages. These pre-configured van packages have been compiled with much input from professionals within the service/contracting, HVACR/plumbing, and electrical trades.

Every vocation requires different tools, equipment, and parts so why should you settle for a cookie cutter standard package? Choose a ProPaxx van package from Sortimo to take your van interior to the next level.

Van packages lightweight


Fiberglass, pultruded end panels have superior strength-to-weight ratio and boast 25-30% weight reduction in comparison to steel shelving. Thermoformed partition boasts significant weight savings when compared to steel partitions.

Van packages configurable


Configure your van package to fit your needs. Move shelving up or down or relocate easy to install end panel accessories.

Van package upgradeable


Easily upgrade your base van shelving package with accessories, storage bins and vocational pre-configured packages.

Van package mobility


Go from curb side to work site easily and efficiently with all the tools and parts by utilizing the integrated van storage bins.

Van partition road noise


Organize and store items large to small within the shelves, bins and accessories.

Van partition road noise

Noise Reduction

Pultruded end panels and thermoformed partition significantly reduces road noise which can lead to a fatigued and distracted driver.

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