Van Accessories-Axxessories

Van Accessories-Axxessories

Van Accessories


Accessorize Your Cargo Van With The Right Axxessories

Customize your cargo area and van interior system with the right van accessories for your application. Van accessories offer increased functionality and Sortimo by Knapheide offer a variety of "Axxessories" for a multitude of different vocations including plumbing, electrical, HVACR, general contracting, service, and more. The vast line-up of available van accessories include drawers, dividers, cabinets, holders, cargo management, and much more. Most van accessories from Sortimo can be easily and quickly added to the van shelving panels for a stress-free upgrade.

Choose one or several van accessories to customize your cargo van interior and maximize productivity on the job.

Visit our Sortimo Web Store to buy Boxxes and Axxessories and get them shipped directly to your home or workshop.

Van accessories tool storage

Accessories For Everything

A comprehensive selection of van accessory storage solutions for tools, hoses, cords, supplies.

Van accessories productivity

Easy Access

Utilizing van accessories provides easy and quick access to the right tools and parts and increases organization and productivity.

Van accessories storage

Maximize Storage

Many van accessories are installed on the end panels, turning empty space into storage space and maximizing storage capacity.

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Van Accessories - Lift Flap

Store items below your van shelving? Use the lift flap van accessory to keep the items in place and secure during transport.