Sortimo Logistic & Transport Boxxes

Transportation solution for bulky goods

The LT-BOXX is made for bulky work utensils, as it has a practical broad handle, which can be swivelled out instead of a cover and can be, for this reason quickly loaded up and easily transported.

The simple loading and un-loading options save you valuable time at your place of work and ensure fast access to your materi-als. Like the Sortimo L-BOXX, the LT-BOXX comes in four different sizes, ideally adapting the LT-BOXXes to the needs of your load. The BOXX can be combined with all L-BOXX products, offering you even more flexibility. Durable, excellent load capacity and yet lightweight: The LT-BOXX is made of shock- and impact-resistant ABS plastic. The BOXXes have a broad swivel-out handle to simplify the transport of bulky tools and materials for your daily work, ensuring that even heavier loads can be carried with ease and maximising the use of space.

The BOXX is part of the L-BOXX range and can be clicked into the other products of the system, thanks to the unique two-way click system. With just two clicks, transport your LT-BOXX by Sortimo safely to your place of work – and quickly detach it again when you arrive. The intelligent click system means you can transport several BOXXes simultaneously, saving several trips back and forth from your van, so you can save valuable time.

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