L-BOXX 374 Thermo

L-BOXX 374 Thermo

L-BOXX 374 Thermo

Van Storage Bins

Part Number: 121018338

Dimensions: 17.4" (width) x 14.06" (depth) x 15.31" (height)
Weight: 9.0 lbs.

The L-BOXX is an intelligent van storage solution for tradesmen and service professionals that are always on the move.  With a lid and handle, the L-BOXX can be easily transported from van to job site.  L-BOXXes click into Exxpand Shelf Staxx to provide mobile organization for cargo vans.

  • L-BOXX 374 (Part #121014677)
    • Thermo Insert (Part #121018346)
    • Foam Lid Insert (Part #121014678)

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