Van Equipment

Cargo Van Equipment

Sortimo's Exxpand is the premier cargo van equipment system for today's mobile technician.  The innovative line-up of van equipment from Sortimo offers flexibility in configuration so customers can organize their vans and optimize their operations.  Exxpand is comprised of different van interior components that combine to form a modular and lightweight van equipment system.  By utilizing Exxpand cargo van equipment on the job, customers enjoy increased payloads and better overall functionality within their cargo vans.

Unlike the competition, the Exxpand line of van equipment is modular and flexible enabling the mobile workforce to customize specific to their job. Each component of Exxpand van equipment offers its own set of benefits but when utilized as a system customers improve organization, productivity, and payload. Choose from the most comprehensive line-up of van equipment including van shelving, van partitions, van storage bins, van accessories, van packages, and van drawers. 

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